Fly CC III is a two-seat, ultralight, fully aerodynamically controlled helicopter in category – ultralight two seats, with multiple use in the private and public sector.


The company CZECHCOPTER s.r.o.
was established in 2011 with the aim to develop, fly and subsequently produce Czech ultralight helicopter of modern and innovative concept.


Development, production, sale, operational leasing, engine and airframe service, individual custom modifications and versions, pilot training on ultralight helicopters.


two-seat ultralight helicopter



Helicopter is for 2 passengers, fully automatic in category – ultralight two seats. It can be used for hobby, sport or transportation. Maximum travel speed is from 140 km/per hour up to 170 km/per hour. Consumption is around 15–20 l/per an hour of flight, tank 60 l. We use normal car petrol Natural 95. Our company CZECHCOPTER, offers also pilot training. Price of basic helicopter FLY CC III is 140.000 EUR. We offer also different variation of engines and control equipment according clients request. In our offer is also parachute safety system.


Piloting of our helicopters could be fun but it also needs concentration and responsibility. According the law it pilot license could hold person older then 16, it is obvious that you can fly before you can drive.


Our company, CZECHCOPTER secure service as for engine as for other parts including control equipment. Control and service of helicopters are together with responsible approach of pilot who is the main pillar of safe flight.


Please come to meet us and try it. Look forward to your visit.

Safe Flight.

Technical data:

Category: SLZ
Speed: max. 170 km/h
Cruise speed: 140 km/h
Range: 450–600 km
Empty weight: 325 kg
Takeoff weight: max. 600 kg
Payload: 275 kg
Engine: Verner Scarlett 7H
Engine power: 138 HP at max 2500 rpm
Fuel tank capacity: 60 l
Additional fuel tank capacity: 30 l
Fuel consumption (NAT95): 15–20 l/hour

Rate of climb: 7 m/s
Service ceiling: 3 200 m
Diameter of two-blade main rotor: 5 m
Undercarriage skid: 1,87 m
Length of helicopter: 6,7 m
Height of helicopter: 2,35 m
Space needed for take-off and landing: 30 x 30 m
Cabin: composite, frameless, upholstered
Frame and engine bed: welded
Tail boom: tubular
Tail rotor: 4x blade Fenestron
Control equipment: full for VFR

When buying an FLY CC III helicopter we provide a pilot course for free

Pilot training (obtaining a pilot's license) for Fly CC III ultralight helicopters:

  • length of the course: at least 3 months
  • 3 levels of training: practice, theory, pilot exam
  • individual approach according time and financial disposal of applicant
  • price for pilot training from: 7950 EUR

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tel.: +420 777 222 313